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Lichtdurchfluteter hochstämmiger Sommerwald. Titelbild zu dem Post “Wenn ein Wind weht” - veröffentlicht auf dem #05j

When the wind of God blows [#05j]

A wind is blowing through the treetops, God wants to say something. Would you perceive it ?

Suddenly, a strong wind blows through the treetops. God wants to communicate. Yes, that really true. In this post there are the details. #windofGod #signofGod #heavenlyArmy #forestWorship

A publication by Max Fichtner @MaxFichtner for #KraftwerkBlog

God really speaks through natural phenomena, through wind and clouds. Here is a practical example:

2. Sam.5,22-24 – Once more the Philistines came up and spread out in the Valley of Rephaim; so David inquired of the LORD, and he answered, “Do not go straight up, but circle around behind them and attack them in front of the poplar trees. As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the poplar trees, move quickly, because that will mean the LORD has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army.”

We Christians can learn a lot from this biblical text, because it is a very good example of God’s working through nature. How he wants to guide his children through natural phenomena – even today.

1. The details
God corrects David’s plans, and gives him detailed instructions on exactly how to proceed. He tells him “Come from behind … ” this was an exact instruction to the strategy HOW David should proceed. THIS INSTRUCTION WAS NECESSARY to get the armies of the Lord and the army of David into a coordinated approach.
We today often forget to talk to God about the details of our plans and strategy.
We ask for favor for our cause and heavenly blessings, but forget to involve God in the details.

2 The timing
The starting time for David’s attack was given by God – not David. God promised to send him a signal when everything is ready and he can start. Then came the heavenly GO when everything is ready.

Here comes into application what I have preached to you so often. Eph.2,10 – we live in works prepared by God. And we will experience God’s favor and success if we keep to His timing and learn to wait for the sign that the heavenly Father sends us.

3. The sign – the wind comes
The sign that David was to receive was “the wind passing through the treetops”. It seems very “ordinary” at the first moment, because this happens very often. But those who have experienced it live know that there is a big difference between a heavenly wind and an ordinary one.
Imagine a train station, you are standing on the platform and suddenly an express train passes through at very high speed. This creates a wind suction that you almost fly behind.
The wind suction in the treetops is also like that. It is the armies of God, which pull through, and all treetops pull it in the wind suction behind so that they must bend.
For David this was a sign that he could start. The field was prepared, the armies of God had passed through and were in action. Now his armies could follow and strike.

4. God speaks through a sign in nature.
In this account, God gives a sign in and with nature. Through wind and trees. “By the wind in the treetops you will see …” . What may seem unusual to us at first, is normal with God until today. God talks like this – until today.

Acts 2,19-20 – I will reveal startling signs and wonders in the sky above 
and mighty miracles on the earth below. 
Blood and fire and pillars of clouds will appear.

God speaks to us through signs in the sky, through phenomena in nature, but also through animals, plants, insects and much more. But do we perceive such things ?

My call today, here in the forest, eyes open, senses sharpened and worship. Possibly God also wants to tell you something.

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  • Max Fichtner

    Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

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