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Airplane in the Sky. Picture für the Post „My lasts words“ on the #mf02

IMPORTANT-My lasts words [#mf02]

On a stormy transatlantic flight I search for the right words – what if this would be the last word from me ?

#lastWords #findGrace #transatlanticFlight

From Max Fichtner @maxfichtner who wrestles his last words for the

Somewhere over the Atlantic

As I write these lines and struggle for words, it is the middle of the night. About a quarter to four, according to European time. I am in a huge, modern Boeing aircraft somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I’m listening to “wish you were here” on my headphones, thinking of my sweetheart back home and wishing I was with her.

In the storm

At the same time, our airplane is flying through a storm front and is being shaken vigorously. The film on the small TVs has already been interrupted to show us again which safety measures we have to take in case of an emergency – not an uplifting feeling.
#airplane #stormfront

My struggle for words

But such moments are a good time to write a special post (web post). What should I write if it was the last post of mine? What if I had something to post just one more time, one last time? #preachers, like me, always have something to say and can give huge lectures on insignificant trivia. We always playfully manage to get lost in trivialities and details. But what if I should say the most significant and important thing of my message in some very short and at the same time very clear sentences? That is difficult. Therefore, here is my attempt: 

Discover the “Land of Rest“

Discover the great mystery of the Christian faith. Discover the intense peace that leads our heart and soul to a deep rest. You have at any time, at any moment of the day, the choice between being “in the Spirit” or “in the flesh”. Or in other words, to live in the “land of rest” or in your “own works”. Phrased still differently (by author Paul Ellis, among others); “in grace” or “in the law”. All of these formulations mean the same thing. There are two states of choice facing each other that could not be more extreme. #grace #landofrest #paulellis .

The difference is physically noticeable

The difference is physically noticeable and is also perceived by friends and family. After all, it is the visible and tangible difference whether someone is stuck in the “hamster wheel of life” or is traveling in the serenity of God’s presence. At the same time, every Christian has the choice at any time of the day in which of these constitutions he is on the road.
Therefore, if this were my last message, I would formulate an invitation: Seek with all your strength and highest priority the “land of rest,” the “life in grace,” the “life in the Spirit.” There is nothing more important in the life of a Christian. Therefore, these would be my ideal last words.

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  • Max Fichtner

    Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

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