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Never crucify the Easter Bunny [#mf12]

Why it’s really not smart to crucify the Easter Bunny.

It really stunk to me, so I crucified the Easter Bunny. But shortly afterwards I had to realize that this is not so clever.
#easterbunny #crusifiction #worship #evangelism #eastercross

A publication by Max Fichtner @MaxFichtner for #KraftwerkBlog

The cow in the front yard

Imagine you live in a nice single-family home community on the outskirts of town and one day an Indian moves into your neighborhood. Well, that in itself is probably not a problem. But if he then keeps a wild meadow with a cow as a pet in his front yard instead of ornamental rates and bouquets of roses, it might seem strange to you. However, at the latest when you realize that this nice neighbor then every morning brings out his prayer rug and worships his cow, it will be quite funny to you. #cowworship #prayer rug #cowgarden

I once asked myself this question quite personally: what do you actually have to do these days so that your social environment will approach you about your faith in Jesus? In my experience, no one in the neighborhood would ask that nice neighbor with his cow about his faith. And the same will happen to you with your faith in Jesus, probably nobody will be interested in your faith. #faith #evangelism

Why should people around me approach me just because I pray before meals, say “Thank you Jesus” at every meaningful opportunity, or integrate something else confessional into my daily life? No, in our days “faith is a private matter” as Bishop Lesley Newbegin said. To believe in Jesus so publicly that you are positively challenged and addressed is almost impossible in our days. #faithisprivate #newbegin

The wooden cross on the road crossing

As a young Christian, I was increasingly frustrated by this. Again and again, at work or in my social environment, I had tried to live in such a way that I would be approached about my faith, but had to realize: Nobody cares. In my frustration I let myself then be carried away to set more on provocation. So I erected on an Easter Saturday (without permission) a well public visible about 3-4 meters large wooden cross on a central intersection of our city. I knew exactly, at this eye of a needle all had to pass this morning who still have to get something, and ….. here they had to drive slowly because it is a calmed area for pedestrians. #easter #cross #provocation

The crucifixion of the Easter Bunny

But a wooden cross on an Easter Saturday was not attention-grabbing enough for me as a street action. Since no one remains intesiert stand and seeks the conversation with me. So I bought myself as large as possible Easter bunny and nailed this with outstretched arms on the wooden cross. Now I had guaranteed attention from everyone who came by car or on foot. I had attention – but not quite as I had intended. #easter bunny #easter bunny crucifixion

The reactions

Many parents with their children in the car were extremely upset about what I was putting their children through with this Easter bunny. Some bus drivers showed me a bird and obviously thought I was crazy. Even the press came to report about my Easter bunny crucifixion. On Tuesday after Easter I had then “my” story in the newspaper and shortly thereafter a phonecall from my “bishop”.

So I learned in those days between the “I don’t care at all” reaction and the “angry rejection” is — NOTHING. And even today after more than 25 years it is still the same. “Belief is a private matter” and one allows everything unreflectively until it disturbs and then it is fought. This principle is valid for all faiths and directions of religion.

How we can still witness our faith

How did Jesus imagine this “being his witnesses” under such conditions ? #beingawitness

But you will receive the Holy Spirit, and by his power you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea, in Samaria and in all the earth.” – Acts 1:8

In this Bible text lies the key for our effective testimony: “In the power of the Holy Spirit”. We can already see this in the work of the first disciples. The Holy Spirit kept initiating appropriate situations and the disciples recognized these opportunities and used them. #holyspirit #powerofthespirit

In the later years of my life as a Christian, I could see more and more that this is really the only effective and sustainable way to be Jesus’ witness. By receiving the impulses of the Holy Spirit, recognizing the opportunities and following them up. This requires some routine through constant training, but we can be sure that this way is effective. #closeness to god #jesus

How we can lead people to Jesus in these situations I explain in this post:

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  • Max Fichtner

    Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

Aktivist, Evangelist, Author, Blogger, int. Sprecher - Mitglied vom „Team Jesus“, um der Welt zu zeigen „das Gott ist“, und denen ein Gewinn ist, die an ihn glauben.

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